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HSSMI is located in London (United Kingdom) and works on solutions related to Digitalization for Manufacturing, Manufacturing Simulation, Supply Chain Simulation in the context of Manufacturing

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HSSMI is a sustainable manufacturing innovation consultancy. We enable manufacturing companies to transform their competitiveness by helping them to: - scale up production, - increase productivity, - and integrate circular economy practices. Our ultimate goal is to boost the competitiveness of manufacturers through pathways to achieving net zero. Since being founded in 2012, we have worked with government bodies, established manufacturers, and aspiring start-ups, connecting practical, hands-on experts with people who want to make their products in an innovative and sustainable way. We apply our expert knowledge in three main areas: - strategic manufacturing consultancy projects - bespoke engineering services - collaborative R&D projects (as leading or participating partners) Our expertise areas include: - Manufacturing strategy - Digital manufacturing tools - Lean manufacturing and automation - Battery technologies - E-drives - Hydrogen propulsion - Circular economy - Project management office For manufacturing to truly advance, we need to remain ahead of the curve. In order to do so, we collaborate with manufacturers on innovative research projects to tackle some of the most pressing challenges affecting their businesses and the industry overall. Moving forward we are ambitious to build upon our research and expert knowledge by positioning ourselves as an independent manufacturing consultancy offering commercial projects and services. Ultimately, we aim to catalyse the development and growth of the UK manufacturing industry, as we help manufacturers fulfil their promises and remain competitive in the face of a rapidly changing market.