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Immersive Reality Development for Collaboration & Training

Create an immersive simulation to support your business's decision making. HSSMI experts will assist you along the way, using their knowledge of manufacturing and the latest digital technologies.

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Our team of skilled visualisation engineers have combined their shop floor knowledge with the latest advancements in the world of Virtual Reality (VR), creating computer-generated immersive simulations that can be explored and interacted with by people across all areas of the business using a Head Mounted Display (HMD).


Whether you already have a VR application in mind, or are exploring where VR could work for you, HSSMI will deliver an interactive workshop to determine the needs of your business and your VR strategy. 

Our team will work with you to understand the requirements of your application, whilst planning the application itself, steps for validation and final optimisation process.

Our team can assist in specifying the technology required for your VR needs. In addition, we can help to complete risk assessments and be on hand to install your new equipment. HSSMI are also available to provide training on how to use the technology.

If you are unsure about the business case for implementing VR, HSSMI can assist you by defining comparative studies to measure the added value of VR in comparison to current processes.


A VR simulation can be useful in many different cases, including:

  • Operator training
  • Layout development & collaborative review
  • Process visualisation
  • Workstation assessment
  • Line of sight analysis
  • Hand and tool clearance study
  • Product showcase
  • Retail configuration

Building a roadmap for implementing VR into your business can bring the following benefits:

  • Reduced development time – design, validate & optimise seamlessly;
  • Lower design costs – eliminate one level of physical validation;
  • Health and safety – provide virtual training before undertaking hazardous tasks;
  • Increased collaboration – bridging the physical barriers for remote communication;
  • High quality representation – virtual reviews, real time and at scale;
  • The language of next generation engineers – future proof your business and processes.

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Simulation Development

Get in touch with our experts to discuss your application, needs, and requirements. Based on this, we will be able to build a virtual simulation that will support your business in decsion-making and allow the opportunity to experiment with different scenarios in your manufacturing process. A virtual simulation can also help you upskill staff and collaborate with partners, as it limits the need for everyone to gather in the same location.

This is a separate activity and can be carried out independent of other phases.

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Implement VR in Your Business

Contact our knowledgeable experts to arrange a meeting to explore your business and how virtual reality can benefit you specifically. We can assist you in developing a roadmap that will leverage digital tools to the benefit of your business.

This is a separate activity and can be carried out independent of other phases.