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Circular Economy Bootcamp

The Circular Economy Bootcamp provides an understanding of circular economy principles and how they can benefit your business. Armed with knowledge provided by our experts, you will be able to assess your opportunities to become more sustainable.

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Broad overview of circular economy concepts with case studies and focus on manufacturing environment and supply chains.


Online 2 hour Bootcamp, with lecture-based and interactive segments.

Are you a decision maker who wants to learn about circular economy? Then this HSSMI Bootcamp is for you. Our subject matter experts in circular economy will explain how circular economy principles can be applied in complex environments, aiming to make your business more profitable, innovative, and environmentally sustainable.

The Bootcamp will cover:

  • Developing roadmaps to accelerate circular benefits for your business;
  • Circular economy in complex and high risk environments;
  • Diagnostic circular economy readiness assessment;
  • Access to a library of reports and further CE content;
  • Access to the exclusive HSSMI Circular Economy Network.


  • Overview of circular economy with a focus on the industrial environment. Includes drivers toward circular economy and methods to become more circular (e.g., as a product or a supply chain);
  • Illustrate the uses of the Circular Economy Maturity Assessment (CEMA) to allow active engagement with it;
  • Show how the CEMA can be used to generate roadmaps to get your business on the way to becoming more circular;
  • Become part of a developed CE network.

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Hosr a Circular Economy Bootcamp

HSSMI is able to create a Circular Economy Bootcamp for your employees and tailor it so that it is relevant to your specific industry. We will explain the principles of circular economy and how your business can benefit from becoming more sustainable. If you'd like to host a Bootcamp for your employees or clients, please get in touch.