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Virtual Training Creator (VTC)

VTC enables manufacturers to upskill their employees in the safety of a virtual environment. Based on Unreal Engine, the tool is easy to use and does not require prior knowledge of programming or coding.

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Whether you are a manufacturing veteran or a company just embarking on your digitalisation journey, HSSMI can help you level up your processes through the VTC plugin and training module. The VTC tools facilitates engineer training in new processes in the safety of a digital environment.


VTC is a gaming engine plugin tool that leverages immersive technologies to build a user-friendly digital interface for Unreal Engine. It is intended for manufacturers who want to upskill their workforce in the safety of a digital environment.

The tool includes pre-developed functions that make it even easier to use. Each instruction can be segmented into individual steps that include animated 3D models, training features and working instructions that can easily be edited and updated without prior knowledge of coding or programming.

From a training developer perspective, the first step is to import the free VTC plugin into a new Unreal Engine project. Then, engineering data from training processes and CAD data is imported into the project. Animations are linked to the corresponding process entries and tested in virtual reality. The project is then exported to be handed over to the end user. The end user then sets up the necessary XR hardware devices in a selected location and deploys the packaged software onto the hardware. The end user runs then tests and validates the process to make sure it meets the requirements.

In case support is required during this process, the VTC Training Module offers a full package of setup, integration and building of an immersive training solution via VTC plugin, as well as hands-on support along the way. It provides guidance to new developers on how to develop a training application.


The key benefits of VTC are:

  • User-friendly interface without the need for coding knowledge or experience;
  • A seamless transformation from physical, in-person training to a digital training environment;
  • Creation of immersive processes with a special focus on industrial challenges, such as product assembly;
  • Reductions in the time it takes for an interactive and bespoke virtual training to be created;
  • Integration of engineering data from various sources to provide interactive experiences;
  • Development and demonstration of a battery teardown application in a virtual environment.

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Download the Virtual Training Creator Plug-In

The VTC plug-in is available to download for free from the XR4ALL platform here:

Once you have downloaded the plug-in, the user-friendly interface will enable you to start developing trainings in virtual reality for any purpose you have imagined.

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Contact Our Team for Support

Our team is on hand to support you throughout the training creation process. Whether you have a simple question or require training development from start to finish, we are able to assist you to create a training that will meet your vision and requirements.