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clesgo GmbH

clesgo GmbH is located in Stuttgart (Germany) and works on solutions related to Cloud-based Platform, Data Analytics in the context of Machinery and Equipment, Manufacturing

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clesgo GmbH is a German startup working toward facilitating the democratization and adoption of ICT-enabled solutions in the manufacturing industry. We believe that innovators can only realize visionary ideas, when their imagination can fully be explored without boundaries. We make ICT solutions accessible, affordable, and easy to use for every manufacturer working on innovative solutions. clesgo develops a B2B platform to empower manufacturers.

clesgo has joined forces with other key partners to work on projects (e.g. CloudFlow, CAxMAn, CloudiFacturing, DIGITbrain, PULSATE, Change2Twin, CO-VERSATILE, PIONEER) that empower innovative manufacturers to boost their competitiveness and resilience with technologies and solutions such as: cloud-based software applications for manufacturing processes or AI-augmented flexible and modularized digital twins.

Furthermore, clesgo is the developer of the technology behind the Digital Technopole, the Digital Agora - a B2B cloud-based platform that seeks to streamline the access to and adoption of ICT expertise, technologies, and solutions, thanks to its dedicated functionalities to foster Community interactions and Marketplace services for the manufacturing industry.

clesgo has expertise in the following areas:

  • Digital platform development and deployment
  • Platform as a Service for platform owners /operators
  • ML-based data apps for manufacturing use cases