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Electrostatic disinfection

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, time quickly became one of the key life-saving factors. Patients depended on prompt diagnosis and often instantaneous interventions and therapy. Emergency units, ambulances and other hospital facilities required immediate disinfection to be prepared for new patients to receive the right care safely and at the right time.

The speed of the virus spread immediately moved safety and infection prevention measures to the top of the agenda. As a result, most European countries experienced spikes in demand for professional disinfection and cleaning products. Infection prevention became mandatory not only in hospitals but also in care homes, on public transport, in schools, gyms and at many other public places.

To prepare Europe for managing pandemics and virus spread, a team of partners for the ’Electrostatic disinfectant spray systems’ production line is focusing on technologies and product design processes for developing and scaling up non-contact disinfection spray systems based on already existing electrostatic spraying innovation from TECNOSTATIC. This unique electrostatic spraying technology reduces the disinfection time from a few hours to just a few minutes. Electrostatic disinfection is environmentally friendly and requires only 35% of chemical disinfection products in comparison to traditional spraying systems.

The group of partners including Fraunhofer IML, HSSMI, ITAINNOVA, TECNOSTATIC and STAM are working together to build a solution for a local European production that can rapidly address surges in demand at times of crises.

The following results are expected to be achieved:

  • Develop and scale up the production of disinfectant spray systems using the components of the regional and European supplier networks;
  • Set up supply chain network design in Europe to ramp up production with a specific focus on the evaluation of lead times required by suppliers;
  • Incorporate sourcing of alternative components and parts in Europe;
  • Further improve the design of the spray system and the battery pack by means of computational simulation.
  • Support the end user of the spraying device with a virtual how-to-guide, with considerations to health and safety in the handling of chemicals.

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TecnoStatic is the leading European manufacturer of electrostatic spraying equipment. Our patented “all-encompassing” electrostatic spray technology enables our customers to reach every surface and object needing spraying to be disinfected. This innovative formula improves results thanks to a total disinfection in a simple and fast way, saving time and resources.

TecnoStatic already produces and sells electrostatic spraying equipment. Thus, the main goal of this proyect is, by provinding its existing know-how and with the aid of other partners, coming up with an electrostatic spraying equipment which is capable of operating autonomously with a battery, not needing an electrical connection. The resulting equipment will be: autonomous, portable, more efficient, lighter, smaller, handier and easier-to-use.