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Digital Technopole for rapid response

During the COVID-19 health crisis, the disruption of global supply chains and the unprecedented surge in demand for vital medical equipment left the manufacturing and logistics firms facing the unknown. This extraordinary change presented the need to focus on new forms of collaboration, new business models, new approaches to accelerate the industrial response. The CO-VERSATILE project aims to prepare Europe for managing pandemics and respond quickly at times of need by elevating the adaptability and resilience of the manufacturing sector.

For manufacturers willing to contribute to the European supply of essential medical equipment by repurposing their production facilities, CO-VERSATILE develops a democratic access to experts and tailored solutions. The goal is to offer European manufacturing and logistics SMEs readily available and customisable solutions - accessible via the 'Digital Technopole' that enables them to boost the production of medical equipment and essential supplies. The ultimate objective is to improve Europe's preparedness to protect its citizens by addressing the needs of the healthcare sector on short notice.

The 'Digital Technopole' is a B2B cloud platform, based on technology developed by clesgo, seeking to streamline the access to solutions, expertise and infrastructure; thanks to its dedicated functionalities to support Community interactions and Marketplace services for buyers and suppliers. The Community sphere of the 'Digital Technopole' aims to offer its members a platform for sharing and interacting, and the opportunity to benefit from the collective intelligence of other participating manufacturers and experts (e.g., shared insights, panel discussions, calls for solutions). The Marketplace sphere focuses on facilitating and assisting the search for the technology experts’ capabilities, such as software solutions, training courses and ad-hoc consulting projects in order to enhance the rapid response capacity of the manufacturers during critical events. ITAINNOVA and innomine will operate the 'Digital Technopole' and will ensure a swift interplay among all involved stakeholders - i.e., buyers and suppliers.

The CO-VERSATILE production lines are going to become the core use cases to demonstrate how the technologies and expertise of the project partners can be leveraged during a pandemic. Another expected outcome of the project is to establish a community of experts from different European regions with complimentary capabilities to facilitate a rapid response, repurposing and ramping up of production at times of crises.

Having the willingness and the commitment of engaged manufacturers’, the Community network and the Marketplace of the ‘Digital Technopole’ are expected to achieve a quantum leap in adjusting to urgent production needs in case of global disruptions and future crises.

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