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High efficiency electronics design

Consultancy services for the development of high efficiency electrical systems for the electrification of components and systems.

Consulting related to Robotics and Automation in the context of Electrical Equipment Machinery and Equipment

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ITAINNOVA Energy Saving is a consultancy service offered by ITAINNOVA that consists of creating high efficiency electrical systems based on batteries or any other energy storage system. Any company that is interested in the electrification of products to simplify the manufacturing process of any equipment, improve product efficiency, and develop cordless systems.


The activity consists of developing different digital twins to evaluate and develop efficient and compact electrical systems. This activity will increase the number of electrical components integrated in a system, integrate batteries, and improve their energy efficiency. This action will improve the manufacturing costs and the efficiency of the equipment.


Energy evaluation of systems and prototype development.

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Phase I: Energy model development - Energy digital Twin

During this phase an energy model of the equipment will be developed to quantify the energy consumption of the equipment during the operation process. During this phase, duty cycles and energy balances will be identified. It will be used to identify the type of batteries, the layout of the electronics and the topology of the system compatible with the duty cycle of the unit.

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Phase II: Virtual model of the electronics – Electronics digital

A complete model of the electronics unit based on Cadence tools will be developed to design the unit, validate the proposed solution, and evaluate the performance. The simulation will be used to specify the values of the electronic components and the layout of the electronics.

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Phase III: Prototype development

A prototype will be developed to validate the proposed solution.