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Creation of physically based digital twins for manufacturing

Consultancy services to create digital twins of manufacturing processes with high focus in material trasnformations, on the basis of physically based simulation model, design of experiments of simulations and reduced order modelling (ROM).

Consulting related to Manufacturing Simulation in the context of Manufacturing

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ITAINNOVA CAELIA solution for manufacturing processes is a consultancy service offered by ITAINNOVA consisting of creating physically based digital twins (PBDT), based on physically based simulations of the material transformations during the manufacturing process and reduced order modelling (ROM).

This consultancy service applies for the creation of the PBDT for a part, object of study,  being produced by a particular manufacturing process. 


The development process consist of several steps.

- Physically based modelling: First step is the modelling of the material transformation process using any specific commercial software that model the physics of the process, typically based on FEM or VOF methods. If a specific software does not exist, general purpose Multiphysics software can be used instead.

- Simulations DOE. The relevant process parameters are chosen and proper ranges of variation are defined. A design of experiments of simulations is created and run. Specific results are chosen for the analysis, typically process outputs, such as pressures, forces, etc. and produced part relevant characteristics, such as dimensions.

- Reduced order modelling. The DOE matrix of process parameters together with the extracted outputs are used to create reduced order models. To do that, different approximation techniques are used (RBF, surface response, factorization, etc.) to select for each output variable which is the one that offers better regression.

- Integration in a user graphical interface. Consists of a user interface that allows to perform virtual moulding trials getting results instantaneously. This is achieved evaluating different ROMs, one for each result of interest, that have been previously generated. 


The outcome of the consultancy service is the set of ROMs created for the manufacturing process of the part object of study. This is made available to the user as an application. Several deployment possibilities for the application exist, such as local installation or allocation on a cloud service provider.

This solution can be used for different purposes:

- Training of people responsible of setting up processes. The generated DT can be used to perform virtual manufacturing trials of the part object of study, to gain insight of the process sensitivity.

- Process set-up. The tool can be used to guide the setting up of process parameters, that can help reducing the number of real manufacturing trials.

- Process optimization. The user can try, in a virtual environment, different process settings, in order to find possible routes to optimize the process.

- Process monitoring. This solution can linked to data driven approaches for process monitoring.

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Feasibility analysis and offer

A ITAINNOVA technician will analyse the feasibility of applying this approach to the manufacturing process of the part proposed by the user. Then, based on this analysis ITAINNOVA will generate a cost estimate of the development service.

At this stage, the requesting company may be interested in checking one “show case” app available, to have more clear understanding of their usability.

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Development of CAELIA solution.

This is the development phase of the CAELIA solution, following the steps described in the Approach paragraph.