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Optimise your resources by using Optimaps in production planning!

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Optimizes your production along time and cost factors during high-level production planning. Effectively supports the production planning staff by running multiple scenarios in parallel, thereby reducing planning time.

Developed for small and mid-sized manufacturing companies who would like to keep pace with the accelerated development in technology and plan their processes as optimal as possible.

Optimaps uses a mathematical algorithm to optimize the production schedule for the lowest possible cost and time, taking into account your company’s priorities.

Are other software wasting your time with their complicated interface instead of making your job easier? We know what you’re talking about! We’ve designed Optimaps to help you with your everyday work, not hinder it with the clunky and complicated interface of yet another software. With a simple menu, outstanding graphics and modern color coding, it’s quick and easy to use, it takes only a few seconds to assess the current state of production.

Use Case:


Time and cost savings

Optimaps can reduce production time and cost by making better use of existing resources (through data analytics), adapting to company priorities and targets.


The ability to reschedule easily and quickly increases the company’s adaptability and long-term competitiveness.


Optimaps has an easy-to-use, transparent interface and clear visualization to help the user. It does not require lengthy training to use.

Manual rescheduling

Easily change the sequence of scheduled orders and tasks, or the assignment of machines with the drag & drop function.

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