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The Manufacturing Toolkit

A Human-Centred Tailored Approach to Support Manufacturing Settings Going Through Reconfiguration Changes

App related to Business Consultancy in the context of Manufacturing

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While the changes we observe in the workplaces often highly influence the redesign of training contents in relation to technological equipment, tools, and procedures, the changes happening in a Manufacturing Setting (MS) are influenced by several different contributing factors: technological, societal, procedural, environmental, and organisational. The changes affecting these different work areas forming part of a wider system impact with several interconnected elements. Hence, for the wider system to work effectively –even while going through reconfiguration scenarios– it must be analysed holistically. The aim of this toolkit is to provide guidance on how to look at MSs more holistically, and help the management to have an updated overview on the reconfiguration changes, and enable them to plan accordingly actions that can promptly facilitate speed of adaptation.

Use Case:

 The Manufacturing Toolkit targets Manufacturing Settings (MSs) in need of assistance during several possible reconfiguration scenarios: It offers a structured, methodological guidance, to support organisations navigating different phases of a reconfiguration process.

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